Euro Tour 2023 Åland Open
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Euro Tour 2023 Åland Open

på Olika ställen på Åland
The discgolf islands of Åland will organize the Åland Open in the summer of 2023. The competitions will take place directly after the European Open during the peak summer week in July.

The tournament schedule includes contests for Masters, Amateurs and Pros.
For example, Vesterkalmare DGP is for the professionals and Soltuna DGP for the amateurs.

The Åland Open for the professionals will also be part of the Swedish professional tour.

The European tour starts in Croatia on June 9 and ends in Spain in November.
The American Pro tour starts on February 23rd and ends on October 15th.
The American tour has a two-week break when the tournaments European Open and Åland Open are held in July.