Hällö husbilscamping, Geta
Hällö husbilscamping, Geta
Hällö husbilscamping, Geta
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Hällö husbilscamping, Geta

Hällö husbilscamping (campervan site) in Geta has 20 pitches in a beautiful setting close to the sea in northern Åland. The campervan site is open from May to October and at other times by arrangement. It takes about 45 minutes to reach Mariehamn by car.

Proximity to food stores
Electricity and water
Access to a rowing boat
Wood-fired sauna with jetty in the evening – can be reserved.
Waste sorting and waste tank emptying

As the campsite is under construction, it does not currently have any common services.

The owner of the campervan site has a farm located about 1 km from the campsite. Guests can drop by and see Highland cattle out grazing in the fields.

Hällö husbilscamping is open from May to October. Other opening times by arrangement. There is access to electricity, sauna, waste sorting and waste tank emptying all year round.

Price 20€/pitch

- Excellent starting spot for canoeing
- In the summer a bicycle ferry runs from Hällö to Skarpnåtö and from there tours are available out to the Sälskär lighthouse
- Proximity to Petta’s organic bakery and arts and crafts café serving home-baked bread and pastries in a beautiful garden setting
- In Geta, excursions are recommended to the Getabergen hill for a beautiful view over the Norrhavet, excellent hiking trails, minigolf, a café and a restaurant
- At the Havsvidden Resort in Geta there is a restaurant with what may be Åland’s most stunning evening view towards the Norrhavet sound – there is also the option to enjoy the centre’s spa.