Eckerö walk
Eckerö walk
Eckerö walk
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Eckerö walk

Walk 1, Storby, 4 km

Start at the Fish Smokinghouse on Gamla Käringsundsvägen, walk past the Hunting & Fishing Museum. Turn left towards the Viltsafari and follow the sign that says “Naturstig”. Take the path to Berghamn. Follow Eckerövägen to Sandmovägen past the Eckerö Mail & Custom’s House, The Sandbo Beach to Eckerövägen. Walk past Bettys Skafferi (former Jussi’s Ceramics), continue past Eckerö Hotel & Restaurant. Walk past the Eckerö Hall and the curling hall.

See & do and watering holes
1 Hunting & Fishing museum
2 Mail & Custom’s House, Postal Museum
3 Sandmo Beach rock bathing
4 Hotel Elvira
5 Bettys Skafferi
6 Eckerö Hotel
7 Playland with café, Curling hall
8 Viltsafari
9 Gastropub Bodegan by the guest harbour